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Catalyst Theme Coupon Code 2012

I think most people are finding Catalyst Theme Coupon Codes to get discounted. But seach the ” Catalyst Theme Coupon“, “Catalyst Theme Discount“, “Catalyst Theme Coupon Code” and more, Well, you won’t find one. Beacuse Catalyst Does Not Offer Coupon Codes!

                                              *** Catalyst Theme 1 Year Anniversary Sale ***

Notice for Catalyst Theme website, There are two key reasons why Catalyst does not offer Coupon Codes for the purchase of the Catalyst Theme Framework as well as Catalyst Marketplace Products.
  • We feel that all potential Catalyst customers should be able to be confident that they are paying the absolute lowest price for Catalyst at any given time. With Coupon Codes there’s always that concern that somewhere out there on the Internet there’s a “special offer” they are missing. So by no longer offering Coupon Codes our potential customers can be assured they are paying the same for Catalyst as everyone else at that point in time.
  • Some Affiliates have abused the use of such Coupon Codes, using dishonest tactics to increase their commissions. So instead of continuing the never ending struggle to prevent such tactics, we’ve decided to just stop offering Coupon Codes altogether.
This is all just to say that there’s no need to search the Internet high and low for a legitimate, active Catalyst Coupon Code that does not exist.
Does this mean Catalyst Themes will never run sales that temporarily reduce the price of Catalyst?
Absolutely not. From time to time we will run sales for the Catalyst Theme Framework, but in such occasions we reduce the prices directly so all potential Catalyst customers receive the same sale price at that point in time. So you can be assured that with the price of Catalyst, what you see is what you get
                                              *** Catalyst Theme 1 Year Anniversary Sale ***

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Catalyst Theme Coupon

Have you been searching for a premium WordPress Theme Framework for your blog? Even though you are new and lack knowledge of CSS and other coding functions, Catalyst WordPress Theme Framework could provide its users with truly unlimited capabilities.

Catalyst Theme, a new Ultimate Premium WordPress Catalyst Theme Framework from the brilliant guys that developed the FrugalTheme. Catalyst wordpress theme with unlimited layouts, widgets and hook boxes to crazy amounts of design control.

Catalyst Theme as a be all end all search for the right look for the site, product or even for a client as a web designer, etc. The reason for this is due to it’s Core function with it’s adjustable scalable multiplicity. Catalyst Theme, The Ultimate WordPress Catalyst Theme Framework for you! Now you can use Catalyst theme coupon code to save.

Catalyst Theme Features:

  • Unlimited Custom Layouts, Custom Widgets and Custom Hook Boxes
  • TONS of both Coding & No-Coding Design Options
  • Two Included Child Themes for different levels of design control
  • Rock Solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • The Most Comprehensive Font Control offered in a WordPress Theme!
  • Full Integration with the Google Font Library API
  • Powerful Import/Export options (including the ability to Export Full Blown Child Themes)
  • A Custom CSS Building Tool that writes Custom Code for you!
  • A Pure Framework Filled with Custom Hooks and Filters
  • Comprehensive Documentation that’s built right into the Theme Options
  • 4 Custom Widgets: Excerpt Widget, Author Bio Widget, Ad Widget and a PHP Text Widget
  • Automatic updates (no more manually installing zip files every time a new version comes out)
  • Full WordPress 3.0.1 Compatibility
  • Built-In Image Uploader
  • New “outside of the box” Page Templates offering you more control when you need it
  • Clean, Fast, Efficient, HTML5 Validating code that provides a powerful foundation for The Ultimate WordPress Website Building Tool!

Here’s a sneak peek at the Catalyst Theme Core Options page. Everything from robust SEO to Site Layout controls, this is the nerve-center of your site:

With the Catalyst Dynamik Child Theme installed you get precise control over every aspect of your site’s appearance:

Amongst Catalyst Theme Dynamik’s Import / Export options is an unprecedented feature – the ability to export your design as a full-blown Catalyst Child Theme! Checkout out get more and more Catalyst Theme Discount code bellow!

Catalyst Theme Personal Edition $97
Catalyst Theme Professional Edition $174

What you will get aften buy Catalyst Theme:

  • Catalyst Theme: The core framework.
  • Dynamik Child Theme: This is where you’ll find hundreds of design options, the Image Uploader and powerful Import/Export options.
  • Basik Child Theme: If hundreds of design options is overwhelming, you’ll find Basik, with its limited design option set, more approachable.
  • 20+ Importable Skins: Easily importable designs to get you started.
  • Unlimited Members-Only Forum access.
  • Catalyst Updates for Life.

Catalyst Theme Coupon Code | Catalyst Theme Discount

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Catalyst Theme Coupon Code: Save 30%

Since Catalyst Theme first launched back in December we have had Catalyst Theme Coupon available in one 10% /25%or more. So you can use them and save Catalyst Theme discount off! If you are a small business or large corporation entering into the new and unfamiliar world of Internet marketing, (Clickout Catalyst Theme)

The New Catalyst Theme Coupon for 2012 Madness affiliate promotion is almost over, You know we have post the Catalyst Theme Coupon code in the eaily! We are currently working and pull ALL Catalyst Theme Discount Coupon Codes here for the foreseeable future. And now the new Catalyst Coupon Code: Save 25% still have some time for saving!

Special Catalyst Theme Coupon 2012
New Catalyst Theme Coupon Code to save up 25% of the Catalyst WordPress Theme.

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Catalyst WordPress Theme Reveiw:

If you need full control over the creation of your website or blog site and you do not have much tips as a moster web programmer, We recommned you the Catalyst Theme may be the only suitable solution for you. It’s actually a framework that enables you to do some pretty amazing things when it comes to designing and building WordPress driven sites, whether they are blogs, static or dynamic sites or a combination of all three.

With Catalyst Theme, without ever needing to compose a solitary line of CSS, HTML or PHP code. you are not limited to a single layout, one, two or three sidebars, one widget area or all the other restrictions that come with a single WordPress theme. With the Catalyst theme framework you can basically build unlimited custom page layouts, custom widgets, custom hook boxes and more, enabling you to design and construct every page and post template on your site exactly as you want them. You may want to consider the following information about the Catalyst theme.

  • Over 600 design options that make it simple to customize almost every element of your site.
  • Comes with 22 pre-made skins that can be the starting point of your site.
  • Create any layout you want – 1 column layouts, magazine style, you name it.
  • SEO Ready out of the box. Has all the SEO options you need to create a perfectly On-Page SEO optimized site.
  • A Custom CSS Building Tool that writes Custom Code for you!
  • A Pure Framework Filled with Custom Hooks and Filters
  • Comprehensive Documentation that’s built right into the Theme Options
  • 4 Custom Widgets: Excerpt Widget, Author Bio Widget, Ad Widget and a PHP Text Widget
  • Only $97 for a personal license which can be used on an unlimited number of sites.
  • You can read the full Catalyst Theme Review and why pay full price when you can use a Catalyst Theme Coupon code.

Catalyst Theme Coupon Codes and Catalyst Theme Promo Codes

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Catalyst Theme Coupon 2012

Catalyst Theme coupon discount code (April 2012) gives you the best discount on Catalyst theme. Catalyst Theme is one strong theme framework developers and programmers will definitely fall in love. It comes with responsive design to make your site adjust with different browsers and sizes. This means your site will looks great on Ipad, Iphone and other devices. Catalyst Theme is built with HTML 5 which gives you a solid foundation It comes with solid seo, clean code, 800 design options with Dynamic Child theme installed to give you lots of customization options. You can also create own custom child themes easily in seconds. Take a look at Catalyst and learn about all the cool features it provides.
Catalyst Theme Coupon for (April 2012)
 Click here to activate the 3 Freebies when you buy Catalyst Theme

- FREE Catalyst Cheat Sheet worth $67 (264 pages with screenshots) on how to maximize results from Catalyst wordpress theme!
- FREE Catalyst Cheat Sheet Responsive Design Options (23 pages) on how to customize how your theme look on Ipad, Iphone and other platforms!
- FREE 60 page WPFaceMakerPro Guide on how to Facebook Fan Pages easily using WordPress and Catalyst!

Key Features of Catalyst Theme

  • Unlimited custom layouts, hook boxes and widgets
  • Dynamic child theme that adds 800+ design options
  • Easily create your won custom child themes
  • Catalyst CSS builder to write css codes for you
  • Full font control and integrated with Google font
  • SEO optimized to increase your page ranking
  • Fast effective HTML5 and CSS3 code
  • Auto update to the latest version of Catalyst
  • 1 license gives you unlimited installations
  • Built-in image uploader
  • Built-in custom widgets

Catalyst Theme Coupon: Catalyst V1.3 WordPress Framework

New version of Catalyst 1.3 WordPress Framework is released with inclusion of many new features and functionality along with few bug fixes. The framework received 4 major updates like custom CSS builder front end editor, homepage EZ widget area extras, catalyst In-Post/In-Page options for custom post types, Category, tag and author archive options along with few extra stuff like custom content option for 404 page, add and remove option for  jQuery navbar sub-indicator, general page and post layout options, SEO kill switch feature.

New Features In Catalyst V1.3 WordPress Framework :

Custom CSS Builder Front-end Editor – With the help of this feature, you will love it’s ability to write CSS code for you with the options provided in the new version of framework. It powers you to have intuitive CSS element list with ability to view the changes as they comes in to effect.
CSS Element List has not only number of elements but it has also changed the way it they are displayed to the user. Earlier, new user had few confusion when they had list of actual styles but now they can easily find understandable description of each element that then spits out the actual CSS code in to text area.
It has build in capacity to show or hide CSS builder features tab on the front end of the website (only logged in user can see this feature at front end of website). It gives click-able option to display the CSS Builder on the front end side that allows you to see the actual content as you goes on styling it.
After tweaking the CSS, once you are happy with the style, you can insert that code in to your custom CSS editor box and save your changes.
Actually it eliminates the daunting task to edit the CSS and you don’t have to be expert in coding as well.

Check out how Custom CSS Builder Front-end Editor works :


Homepage EZ Widget Area Extras – They’ve added a Home Sidebar and Home Slider option for greater control over the structure of your homepage. There is new option under Dynamik EZ options called “extras” which offers more flexibility to control your positions of the page in conjunction with other content of the page (Left/Right for the Sidebar and Inside Sidebar/Outside Sidebar for the Slider).
It has also some new tooltips that gives some visual references for the different structure to help in the process of selecting the right layout for your homepage and featured area.
Catalyst In-Post/In-Page Options For Custom Post Types - you will find page / post editor when you go to create custom post type and edits such a post type which give you SEO, layout, Script and class controls.
The updated version of Catalyst 1.3 allows you to include the catalyst In-Post options to specific post type or to all custom post types.
( Please Note that if your Custom Post Type is using its own physical Page Templates these In-Post/In-Page options may not work, or the Page Templates may require tweaking to get the options to work)

Category, Tag and Author Archive Options - They have added layout options for individual category, tag and author archive pages with SEO setting options along with ability to control custom titles and descriptions for such type of pages.

Some extra good stuff worth noting :

  • 404 Page content option.
  • jQuery Navbar sub-indicator add/remove option.
  • General Page and General Post Layout Options.
  • SEO Kill Switch Feature.
Catalyst 1.3 Overview:


More To Come at Catalyst :

Catalyst team is working on to create the Catalyst Market place which will be beneficial to single site owner and developers too. Check out the Catalyst 1.3 Changelog.
Check Out The Standard Features Of Catalyst Framework
For Personal Edition: $97
For Developer Edition: $174

Catalyst Theme Coupon: Catalyst 1.2 WordPress Theme Framework

New version of Catalyst 1.2 WordPress Framework is released with inclusion of many new features and functionality. This feature rich framework is designed to give you complete flexibility with numerous layouts, custom hooks, specially coded widgets with the help of which you can build your desired theme. It has more than 800+ design options with dynamik child theme, unlimited opportunity to create different layouts, powers you to build your own child theme with few click, custom CSS building tool, 22 built in skins, complete control over your fonts, built in SEO setting options, automatic update from dashboard, fast loading, HTML5 and CSS3 code environment.
Catalyst Theme Framework feature overview via video :

New Features Are Mentioned Below:

The New Hybrid Content Type : This new features allows you to display your post with full content or only an excerpt of that particular post. however, you can also display post excerpts in two columns instead of traditional excerpts which helps you to present your latest posts.
New Category & Tag Layout Control : This features allows you to assign specific custom layout to individual category as well as tag pages
New jQuery Navigation Drop-Downs : This modification allows you to select whether or not your navbar1 and / or navbar 2 uses jQuery to smoothen their menu drop down motions.
Page Title Removal Options : This adds new options to your post that allows you to manually remove your page title. It can either be remove for all your page or specific pages by it’s ID. Page ID reference would pop-up beside the option. ( can hide with dynamik options but it only hides the content from view and doesn’t remove them from page source like this new feature does)
More Google Fonts : This new version of framework is updated with new Google fonts for more typography options.
More Good Features: Upgraded version has few more good stuffs like new hooks, stylish Read More placement options, universal author archive layout option and few fixation of bugs.
Catalyst Framework Core Options Screenshots :

Catalyst Dynamik Options Screenshot :

Standard Features :
  • Unlimited Custom Layouts, Custom Widgets and Custom Hook Boxes
  • Huge number of theme options (800+ dynamik options )
  • 22 custom skins for desired color combination
  • Built in effective Search Engine Optimization settings
  • Comprehensive font manager
  • Google Font API integration with latest font added in library
  • Allows you to Import or export theme options including child theme
  • Custom CSS Building Tool that writes Custom Code for you!
  • Custom hooks and filters friendly framework
  • Detailed theme documentation guide
  • 4 Custom Widgets ( Excerpt Widget, Author Bio Widget, Ad Widget and a PHP Text Widget )
  • Hassle free automatic updates
  • Full WordPress 3.1.2 Compatibility
  • Built-In Image Uploader in child theme
  • Image Uploader Built into the Dynamik Child Theme
  • Custom page templates
  • Ability to add your custom favicon and avatar
  • Fully Compatible With WordPress MU (Multi-Site)
  • And A Gazillion Other Things That You’ll Have To Buy Catalyst To Find Out About!
  • New “outside of the box” Page Templates offering you more control when you need it
  • Clean, Fast, Efficient, HTML5 Validating code
For Personal Edition: $97
For Developer Edition: $174

Catalyst Theme Coupon: Catalyst FrameWork

Catalyst FrameWork is an extremely flexible Premium WordPress framework from Catalyst Theme. The strong framework is web builder tool with powerful and features rich structure with custom hooks and widgets. The framework contains features like 22 different skins, 600+  no-coding option for dynamik  child theme, ability to create your own child theme with few clicks, custom page templates, complete controls for almost every fonts of your website, completed documentation guide for installation, all the SEO features and much more.
Catalyst FrameWork

Catalyst FrameWork Features :

  • Unlimited custom layouts, widgets & hook boxes provide amazing flexibility
  • Included dynamik child theme provides over 600 no-coding design options
  • 22 included custom skins
  • Create your own custom child themes with a single mouse click
  • Custom CSS building tool that writes custom code for you!
  • Comprehensive font control – fully integrated with the Google Font Directory API, and third-party fonts services such as TypeKit
  • Full set of SEO options – with in-post / in-page & homepage title, description, keyword & meta control along with clean code
  • Fast, efficient, HTML5 & CSS3 validating code
  • Auto-Update feature
  • Image uploader built into the dynamic child theme
  • Page templates from powerful to simply essential
  • Full Import/Export of ALL your catalyst and dynamic options
  • Built-In custom widgets: excerpt widget, author bio widget, ad widget and a PHP text widget
  • Easily add your own custom Favicon & Avatar to your site
  • Fully compatible with WordPress MU (multi-site)
  • Comprehensive documentation that’s built right into the theme options
  • A pure framework filled with hooks & filters galore
  • And a heap of other things you have to buy Catalyst to find out about!
Catalyst FrameWork Price :
For Personal Edition Use: $97
For Developer Edition Use : $174