Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Catalyst Theme Coupon Code 2012

I think most people are finding Catalyst Theme Coupon Codes to get discounted. But seach the ” Catalyst Theme Coupon“, “Catalyst Theme Discount“, “Catalyst Theme Coupon Code” and more, Well, you won’t find one. Beacuse Catalyst Does Not Offer Coupon Codes!

                                              *** Catalyst Theme 1 Year Anniversary Sale ***

Notice for Catalyst Theme website, There are two key reasons why Catalyst does not offer Coupon Codes for the purchase of the Catalyst Theme Framework as well as Catalyst Marketplace Products.
  • We feel that all potential Catalyst customers should be able to be confident that they are paying the absolute lowest price for Catalyst at any given time. With Coupon Codes there’s always that concern that somewhere out there on the Internet there’s a “special offer” they are missing. So by no longer offering Coupon Codes our potential customers can be assured they are paying the same for Catalyst as everyone else at that point in time.
  • Some Affiliates have abused the use of such Coupon Codes, using dishonest tactics to increase their commissions. So instead of continuing the never ending struggle to prevent such tactics, we’ve decided to just stop offering Coupon Codes altogether.
This is all just to say that there’s no need to search the Internet high and low for a legitimate, active Catalyst Coupon Code that does not exist.
Does this mean Catalyst Themes will never run sales that temporarily reduce the price of Catalyst?
Absolutely not. From time to time we will run sales for the Catalyst Theme Framework, but in such occasions we reduce the prices directly so all potential Catalyst customers receive the same sale price at that point in time. So you can be assured that with the price of Catalyst, what you see is what you get
                                              *** Catalyst Theme 1 Year Anniversary Sale ***

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